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Preventic Collar (65cm)

Preventic Collar (65cm) Loading...
Controls ticks including paralysis ticks, bush ticks, indigenous ticks, cattle tick and brown dog tick in dogs for up to 2 months. Collar presentation weighing 27.5gm, minimum 65cm long, that liberates Amitraz to control ticks. Recommended for use in dogs from 16 weeks.

Single unit 27.5gm, minimum 65cm long


Fit to the dog comfortably so that 2-3 fingers can easily be inserted between the collar and neck. Collar may irrirate if attached too tightly. Cut excess length off and dispose of. Allow up to 48 hours before dog is fully protected. Do not remove once applied except for bathing/swimming as water will reduce collar efficacy. Reapply a new collar every 8 weeks and ensure treatment is continued throughout the year.

Continue daily searches for ticks. Seek emergency veterinary attention if collar is accidentally ingested - toxic. Not recommended in puppies until they have finished teething, to reduce the risk of chewing and toxicity. Do not use on sick or recovering animals. Do not use on puppies under 3 months of age. Do not use on cats. Do not use in conjunction with other pesticides. Remove if any signs of irritation. Do not allow children to play with the collar.

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