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4Cyte Equine with Epiitalis 3.5kg

4Cyte Equine with Epiitalis 3.5kg Loading...

4CYTE™ Equine with Epiitalis is a revolutionary advancement for horses suffering from osteoarthritis.

Lameness due to joint injury and progressive disease is the most prevalent cause of deteriorating athletic function in performance horses and constitutes a large percentage of the equine practitioner’s caseload. Most joint conditions have the potential to lead to osteoarthritis (OA), which in turn has a poor prognosis for return to normal athletic function.

Epiitalis is a patented plant extract with unique properties that help stimulate the cartilage cells in joints. It is a supplement to address symptoms such as stiffness or a lack of willingness to perform, eg. jump, gallop or canter. Support for moderate to severe arthritis in conjunction with other pain treatments. Support for healing after a joint injury or operation. Preventatively to promote healthy joints in high performance horses. Use in older horses.

4CYTE™ Equine with Epiitalis comes in convenient palatable raspberry flavoured granules - given once daily with food – it can be taken with other medications - is not swabable so can be taken prior to competition Not to be taken during pregnancy or to animals with an allergy to seafood.


Epiitalis – extract from Biota orientalis


New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel

Marine Cartilage


Daily dose: Loading start on 8g per day for 14 days

Maintenance: After 14 days reduce to 4g per day

Dosage can be varied on weight of animal and state of joint function.

Administration: Draw an accurate volume of suspension from the tube using the applicator supplied then administer on or within feed.

Not to be taken during pregnancy or to animals with an allergy to seafood.

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