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Tomcat II (Red) Blox (8kg)

Tomcat II (Red) Blox (8kg) Loading...

Powerful, single feed bait forthe control of rats and mice in and around domestic, commercial public service and industrial buildings. Specially formulated with food-grade ingredients and paraffin to yield a highly palatable yet weatherable bait that works in wet and dry conditions. Manufactured using an extrusion process to give multiple edges that appeal to a rodent's desire to gnaw. Central hole in each block to enable placement on securing rods in tamper-resistant bait stations, or for nailing in other hard-to-reach places.



Eliminate as far as practicable all alternative food sources. Bait infested areas with 1-3 blocks per station, depending on level of infestation. Do not exceed 3m between bait stations for mice, 9m for rats. Do not place stations in the open or further than 2m from buildings. Inspect daily and if eaten quickly increase the number of stations. Continue replenishment until no more baits are taken. Baiting for at least two weeks is necessary to reduce mouse numbers.

Tamper-resistant bait station.

Poisonous if absorbed by skin contact or swallowed. Repeated minor exposure may have a cumulative poisoning effect. Hazardous to pigs, cats, dogs, native wildlife and poultry.

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